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Steve was injured in the line of duty yesterday. He didn't want to tell me, but the bandage on his arm couldn't lie. He knows what happened with me and John, how we were attacked; John's cuts couldn't lie. Mine at least I could hide.

Steve and I both played the overprotective one. We held one another and showed how we appreciate each other. Poor John must have felt alienated. But he understood.

Jesse was standing by the elevators when I came out of therapy today. He was leaning againt the wall.

"Hey!" he smiled. "How did it go in there?"

"You know I told her about you," I replied. "I told her about you, and Steve... well, all of you."

Solemnly, Jesse nodded. "You said you would."

"I hope Steve's not mad at me."

The elevator opened, and we stepped on.

"No, Steve's not mad!" Jesse replied. "He's with you all the way! And so am I!"

"This is still tough."

Nodding, Jesse took my hand in his. "Yeah," he breathed. "I know." Holding up our interdigitated hands, Jesse asked, "Will Steve mind this?" He raised his eyebrows.

"No. Steve knows we're friends."

Jesse held my hand tighter, and we walked to my car. Only to find Steve there.

"Steve!" I exclaimed and ran to him. We embraced before hopping into the car. Jesse jumped into the hatch-back.

"Steve, you didn't mind that Jess and I were holding hands, do you?"

"Jesse!" Steve turned around, and Jesse cowered. "No, I'm fine with that. It was rough today, wasn't it."

I nodded. "And Jesse was a real comfort. I thought he wouldn't be able to make it, because of work and all."

Steve glanced into the back. "Then who's covering for you, Jess?"

"Your dad."

"Your father's so sweet," I smiled and turned to Steve. "So we're all free now? We can go see a movie together?"

"Sure!" Steve smiled and leaned close to me. We kissed.

"Hey, Jess!" I asked. "You want to come along too?"

"Sure! I weren't be getting in the way?"

"Never! You're my friend! 'kay, what are we going to see?"

"Whatever you two want," Steve replied.

Looking into the back of the car, I said, "Jesse? How about you?"

Jesse smiled. "I'm in the mood for a comedy!"

"How about High Fidelity?" I suggested.

"Hey, John's in that one!" Steve pointed out.

"Good! Then we'll see that one!"

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