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I was in such a hurry to get to school today that I sideswiped a city bus...

And didn't stop.

And I didn't want to tell Steve. I walked with Mark, Jesse, and Amanda to my German class, (after I'd discovered that I'd rushed to HTML class all for nothing). I didn't see Steve walk up behind me as I spoke to the other three. Steve put his arms around me. He spoke softly. I didn't want him mad at me, and I was so afraid that he was.

Mark stepped back, and Steve held my hand. He assured me that he wasn't mad. He said I'd been scared, and I was too afraid to stop. And I couldn't stop the accident from occuring in the first place.

Mark met me after developmental psych. He walked with me back to the car. He was concered about my arm. It's been a little sore today. Mark checked my arm in the ladies room and found no bruises. He says it's a muscle ache and that it should pass.

He said something was affecting my gait. So I told him about my lower backpain. Mark's going to check it out better later. For now, he told me to rest this weekend.

The mirror on the passenger's door is cracked.

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