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D                      R                      E                      A                      M

w i t h   y o u r   e y e s   w i d e   o p e n

Mulder and Scully
Scully's the one on the left, I think.
On 30 March 2000, Anne (my roommate) and I went to the animal shelter. We were only looking to get one cat. Anne fell for this little calico kitty, who jumped into her lap and was being all cuddly. Another calico kitty, the first one's brother, was brushing up against our legs. We couldn't separate them! And, as soon as I called them Mulder and Scully, we knew that we had to get them!

Mulder and Scully took over the apartment. Missy and Patches weren't too thrilled. Patches got used to it. At first, she hissed, but then she just ignored the two new cats. Missy, on the other hand, hid a lot when Mulder and Scully showed up. She was behind the computer desk at one point. Mulder kept sticking his nose under there, and Missy would growl and hiss. She did that even when no one was near her! So we started calling her the hissing desk.
Mulder and Scully were almost identical as kittens. They both have a patch of darker fur that goes over their heads. But Mulder's patch doesn't go all the way over his eyes like Scully's does. They each have a mark on the nose, but they have them on opposite sides. Mulder is mainly white with black and a little gray. Scully has a striped tail and is more brown, black, and gray than white. Since I'm terrible with colours, I used to tell them apart by their "masks". Now it's obvious, because Mulder is much bigger than his sister. Mulder as the Sphinx
They're so affectionate! They like to climb over each other. Often, Mulder curls up next to Scully and gives her baths! They take turns climbing on me while I'm at the computer. When I do e-mail, Scully dances across the keyboard. She likes to pester me.

We no longer live in the same house with Missy and Patches, so Mulder and Scully have an entire duplex to rule, with no other cats. Scully has established herself as the alpha. She often sleeps in a doll bed. And she's on the internet a lot, (as in, sits on the computer when I'm online).

Mulder and Scully on an investigation
Scully (foreground), Mulder (background)

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