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D                       R                       E                       A                       M

w i t h   y o u r   e y e s   w i d e   o p e n

Those Who Will Have Me

"Write your soul down word for word. See who's your friend, who is kind."
Rob Thomas, Matchbox Twenty, "You Won't Be Mine"

My best friend, Justin Chetelat, (obviously, the
one on the right!!!), and me
Florida College Fall Banquet, 1997
Justin with our friend Kevin Fletcher (Fletch)
Kings Island, Ohio, 1996
Right before the three of us went on Skycoaster
My former roommate, Natalie, with her cat Missy
Her bedroom in our old apartment
South Carolina, 2000
High School friends
Jodi Blois and Justin Basque
My parents' house, Massachusetts, 1996

(in order)Robby Davis, me, AnneMarie England
(roommate and best friend), and Charles Wheeler
Italian Oven Restaurant, Florida, 1998
More High School Friends:
(in order)Devon Ruse, T. Archer Tayler,
Christy Luebbe, and Justin Basque

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