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"My nose is cold, and my toes are cold, and my tail is cold... and I'm hungry!"
- Rolly, 101 Dalmations

Bayley Elisabeth Mason:
       D.O.B.: June 13, 1993
       Favourite Colour:
       Favourite Ice Cream: Bubble Gum
       Stuffed Animal: Mouser
       Best Friends: Stacey, CJ, Dion
       Peeves: When people break crayons
       Favourite Subjects: Reading and Writing
       Favourite Foods: BBQ Bob's

     My Journals:
      Meet Bayley's Friends!!!

Diagnosis Murder Page

Disclaimer: Jesse, Mark, Amanda, Steve, CJ, and Dion are all characters from Diagnosis Murder, all of which belongs to Viacom, CBS, and the cast and crew of the show. I am using these characters with the full knowledge that I did not create them, though I highly admire the characters and those who bring them to life. No infringement intended.

Bayley was created by Kellyanne Lynch. You need expressed permission to use her in a story.