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I asked Amanda if she would take me to the zoo today. I wanted to see Howie. But she said no because she just took me last week and I just been there with Steve and Jesse. We didn't do much today. We just went to the grocery store and the bank and the cleaners. At the grocery store, CJ wanted to get strawberry jam. We already had grape jam at home. Amanda said no. CJ was putting it back when he dropped it. He got glass all over the floor. All these people came to clean it up. Amanda made CJ ride on the end of the cart after that. He wasn't allowed to touch anything.

We went to the mall too. I saw a cute kitty and some puppies. And this long skinny animal called a ferret. I've never seen a ferret before. It was funny looking. I put my hand in the cage to pet it, and he bit me. Amanda cleaned my hand in the ladies room. Then I wasn't allowed to touch anything.

Then we went home.

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