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After school today, Jesse picked me up and said he wanted to spend some time with me. We went to another woman's house. She was prettier than the woman that Steve and I went to the zoo with. I tried to tell her that, but Jesse covered my mouth.

We went to the zoo again. I didn't even tell Jesse I had already been two times. I was just happy to see the monkeys again. The woman told me that they weren't actually monkeys; they were chimps. The woman's name is Claire. Shes nice. She asked the zoo keeper if I could pet the chimp and he said it was okay. The chimp doesn't bite. I pet the baby one. His name is Howie, and he's only a year old. Claire liked Howie too. Jesse said he liked the big chimp. His name is Lou.

We went to the video store. They let me pick out a movie, so we saw Little Mermaid. They let me sit in front of the TV. Amanda doesn't let me sit there.

Amanda came in during the movie. She yelled at Jesse about letting me sit so close to the TV. Then she took him into another room and yelled at him some more. I don't know what she was yelling at him about in there. Claire and I watched more of Little Mermaid while Amanda was yelling. Then Amanda came out and took me home.

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