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CJ says I'm short. He calls me shorty. Amanda told him to stop but he does anyway.

Today I read Thunderhoff with Mark. It was fun. He helped me with words I didn't know. I know what a burr is now. Its something that gets stuck in a horse's coat.

I told Mark I want a horse. I like Thunderhoff. Mark told me he's Thunderhoff! He crawled on the floor, and I rode on his back. Then Amanda came in. She laughed at us.

CJ got 100 on his spelling test today. Its on the fridge now. He got a gold star. Dion kept taking it off the fridge. Amanda put it way up high so Dion couldn't touch it. Then he got all mad.

I coloured in my Little Mermaid colouring book today. I coloured a picture for Amanda, CJ, Dion, Mark, Steve, and Jesse. I gave Dion, CJ, and Amanda their pictures today. Amanda put hers on the fridge next to CJ's test. CJ can't find his picture. Dion taped his picture on the wall.

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