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I should be doing my math but I can't. I keep thinking about yesterday.

Amanda took me, CJ, and Dion to see a movie. We saw Stuart Little. Dion and CJ kept throwing popcorn. Amanda moved CJ and he sat next to me. Then they were good.

Amanda took us to Wallmart. She said I could get two Pokemon action packs since I was good. CJ and Dion weren't happy. But I gave them action cards when Amanda wasn't looking. They were extras. I gave Dion a Bulbasaur card and CJ a Pikachu. I just wanted Squirtle. I like Squirtle the best! I gave CJ and Dion cards in the car.

We were going to BBQ Bob's to see Jesse and Steve. They came over to us when we came in. Jesse had a toy for us. He said it was part of the kids meal. But BBQ Bobs doesn't have a kids meal. Jesse was being nice. I got a Little Mermaid colouring book. Amanda had crayons in her purse so I coloured while I waited to get my ribs.

The teacher saw me writing so I have to stop now or I'll get in trouble.

Mark is nice. He picked me up from school and took me to get a new dress. I'm going to my friend Stacey's birthday party Thursday. She's going to be 8. I can't wait til I'm 8!

I wanted to get a light purple dress. But Mark saw a blue one that had butterflies on it. And I like butterflies. He waited for me to try it on. When I came out, he said I looked pretty.

Then he dropped me off at home. Amanda cooked corn on the cob. It got stuck in my teeth and couldn't finish it all. It was good.

Amanda helped me write some tonight. She says I have to go to bed right after. She's going to read to me first.

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